Local area

Dompierre Les Ormes (4 miles): has a number of amenities at your disposal including a post office, supermarket, patisserie, boulangerie, charcuterie, taxi, bank, hotel, bar, restaurants. Just outside Dompierre is the Arboretum de Pezanin one of the oldest arboretums in France. More than 400 species of trees and shrubs from all over the world, including some exotic varieties rarely seen in Europe, have been planted in a peaceful setting around a small lake.

Gibles (3 miles): has a pharmacie, post office, boulangerie, patisserie, charcuterie, taxi and café where you can sit outside in summer watching the world go by. In the evenings the locals can be found playing boules in the village square. Just 20 minutes away is the medieval town of Cluny with it's Benedictine Abbey, National Stud, shops, bars and restaurants. Want to know more? Visit: www.cluny-tourisme.com The Castle road takes in 6 major castles in the area including Chateau de Cormatin, Chateau de Pierreclos and the beautiful Chateau de La Clayette where outdoor concerts are held during the summer months.

The Cluny area also possesses some excellent underground treasures with a number of prehistoric cave sites. The most notable of these are Grottes de Blanot and Grottes d'Aze. There are numerous long-distance footpaths and country trails in the area as well as bridle paths and cycle ways (La voie verte is dedicated to cyclists, rollerbladers, horse riders and walkers alike).

To the West the canals offer boating and other water sport activities or for those who wish to be inactive, let someone else row you gently up-stream.

15 minutes drive and you can experience the challenge of Acro'bath: a forest adventure. Here, your strength, balance and ability to keep a cool head, are put to the test as you move from one tree to another.

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